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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak update

What we are doing at Stuart Bailey Photography?

Commercial, Advertising, and Lifestyle Photographer in London UK

NOTE: The government has now lifted covid restrictions in England, however we still have measures in place so that photoshoots can be conducted as "covid safe" as they can, especially during the rise of the Omicron variant.

All photo shoots can happen as usual but may have some limitations. For more information about whether your shoot can go ahead as normal please get in touch directly at

1. Event Photography: Good news! Events are back, and so I'm back photographing corporate and exclusive events.

2. Meetings: The majority of meetings with new or existing clients will continue to be conducted over video call via Zoom etc for the foreseeable future.

3. Travel: I am travelling for work again, both within the UK and worldwide (where permitted). I am driving myself whenever possible to limit contact with other people.

4. Disinfecting of Equipment: Before and after every shoot I am still disinfecting all my equipment; bags, cameras, lenses, phone, car, and keys. Anything that could be vulnerable.

5. Masks: I can continue to wear a mask if requested by the client while working at indoor locations.

6. COVID Tests: I recommend everyone to have a free rapid lateral flow covid test at least 5 days before the shoot, and then another the day before the shoot so that we know everyone is covid free while together.

7. Safe Distance Markings and Signage: Social distancing measures will still be in place during all shoots where necessary, keeping everyone at least 1 metre apart as a minimum.

8. Crew: I am still working with a limited crew on most commercial, advertising, or lifestyle photography shoots.

This depends on each shoot, whether it's conducted at an inside or outside location, confined to a small space such as a train carriage or aircraft, or a large warehouse or studio space where people are able to maintain a 1-2m distance.

9. Personal Measures: I am working from and staying at home as much as possible. I am also limiting going to public places as much as I can too.

I sanitise my phone, keys etc regularly and keep 70% alcohol hand sanitiser on me at all times when out of the home or office.

Note: I am also fully vaccinate against Covid-19.

10. Bookings: I am still very much open for business and am taking bookings for commercial, advertising, and lifestyle photography shoots, as well as headshots and events, etc.

Contact me as soon as possible before your photo shoot if someone has symptoms of Coronavirus so that we can re-arrange if possible.

I will also let you know if I myself have any symptoms before hand, and if so, the shoot will be postponed until I have recovered.

Note: I will be updating this Covid-19 update blog as things continue.

For more information and the latest updates on the Coronavirus issue, please visit the UK Government’s website:

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