Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak update

Updated: Oct 31

What are we doing at Stuart Bailey Photography?

Commercial, Advertising, and Lifestyle Photographer, London UK

My priority as a photography business is to be responsible and respectful to my client's health as well as my own.

Therefore I am taking these necessary steps to do my bit during the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease here in the UK.

1. Event Photography: I am once again unable to photograph any events due to the 2nd national coronavirus lockdown until further notice.

2. Meetings: Meetings with new or existing clients will continue to be conducted over the phone, or preferably by video call via Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime or WhatsApp for the foreseeable future.

3. Travel: I am obviously limiting my travels, especially into Central London and crowded places, and will not be taking public transport.

4. Disinfecting of Equipment: Before and after every shoot I am disinfecting all my equipment; bags, cameras, lenses, phone, car and keys. Anything that could be vulnerable.

5. Masks: If the job requires photographing or meeting people, I now wear a mask to help protect myself and others.

6. Safe Distance Markings and Signage: For headshots (if headshot photography is possible), I am marking on the ground the safe 2 metre (6ft) distance so that it's clear for my clients where is safe to stand.

I am also putting up signs on the meeting room doors etc to show that there is a photo shoot taking place to stop accidental entry.

Where possible, I am also implementing an in/out system for people flow.

7. Personal Measures: I am working from and staying at home as much as possible. I am also limiting going to public places as much as I can too.

8. Bookings: I am still open for business throughout the 2nd national lockdown and am taking bookings for commercial photography and portrait and headshot photography adhering to the physical distancing rules keeping 2 metres (6ft) apart.

Even during normal times, the lenses I use for portrait and commercial photography means I usually keep 2 - 5 metres apart from my subject anyway.

Before your photo shoot, I will be contacting you a day before to check whether anyone involved in the shoot is feeling ill or has symptoms of coronavirus.

You should also contact me as soon as possible if someone has symptoms so that we can re-arrange the photo shoot.

I will also let you know if I myself have any symptoms before hand, and if so, the shoot will be postponed until I have recovered.

Note: I will be updating this Covid-19 update blog as things continue.

For more information and the latest updates on the Coronavirus issue, please visit the UK Government’s website:

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