Why do I shoot Property?

I've had a few people ask why as a commercial, lifestyle, and advertising photographer do I shoot property as well.

Well, I've got a number of reasons for why I do which I'll share with you in this blog post.

Reason 1:

It's just fun for me!

Property photography requires a different set of skills and techniques to my usual commercial work, so it's great fun for me to shoot something a little different.

It's also nice to shoot something that's still and won't move or blink from time to time.

Photographing people in a lifestyle environment is awesome and my favourite thing to do, but sometimes it's nice to take a step back and be an introvert and photograph a house that I don't have to make conversation with!

Reason 2:

I deal with a lot of private property investors. I find these people so interesting as many I’ve dealt with have over 10 properties and usually another business behind their property business.

Or in a couple of cases, they’ve built a large business and then sold that business and put nearly all the money from that into property.

Quite a few of these investors have become friends and I’ve learnt and am learning a lot from them about business, finance, and investing.

A lot of them are also very well connected and have a good network of other business owners that maybe one day could become a client, or someone I can meet and learn from.

Reason 3:

I go into every property shoot with a licensing mindset.

Property photography is much lower paying than my commercial work. So I go into every property shoot thinking how I could possibly make some additional income from the images I take.

Can I take photos of appliances, door handles, taps, showers, etc that I can then licence to the manufacturers?

Sometimes I send them for free, and it’s become a good way to introduce myself to a new company I’d like to work with in the future. - Just another way to network and get introductions to potential commercial clients.

Reason 4:

It tends to be regular, quick, and local work that I can do all year round, as it’s mostly inside.

Big advertising jobs don’t come in every week for me, especially as I’m still finding my feet having started my business in December 2019, just before a global pandemic!

So these smaller regular jobs are helping cash flow in my business.

It's also a lot nicer to be out shooting and meeting people rather than than not.

Reason 5:

As they’re smaller lower paying work. I aim to use all the money I make from them to reinvest back into the business.

I like to use the property jobs to save the money for new equipment and marketing costs etc.

I have my photography business bank account with Monzo, so it's nice and easy to make a separate pot where any money I make from property shoots I can put straight into that pot and keep separate from the others.

Reason 6:

I get to shoot some amazing luxury properties too. I find these so good for visualisation for my life.

For large properties I can spend maybe 4-6 hours shooting them, so during that time I can really picture myself living there and imagine what I can do with each room.

One of my goals in life, especially after living through a global pandemic, is to be self contained, meaning to have everything I need in my home. - A photography studio, office, and gym.

So when I’m photographing the larger houses I’m really picturing myself living there and having those things all there in one place.

Reason 7:

It keeps me in contact with estate agents who can find me good deals, sometimes before a property comes onto the market.

I also shoot a lot for a lot of other property investors, so I can chat to them about how they've structured a deal, how much their refurb was, which builders they use and trust, etc.

It's also a great way to find out what my local area is like too and what houses are selling or renting for what amount, and how quickly they typically rent out or sell.

Commercial photography will always be my favourite type of job though and my main business, as that’s what I love to shoot most. However, shooting property is a great sideline for me and it's quite different from a high pressure lifestyle shoot, so it keeps my creative juices flowing.

If you're looking to get a property photographed in London, Berkshire, or Surrey, then get in touch and see how I can help you!

You can view my property photography portfolio by following the link here:

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