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What are some common mistakes to avoid when planning an event photoshoot?

Updated: Feb 26

Event photoshoot London

Planning an event photoshoot can be as crucial as the event itself. A misstep in planning can lead to missed opportunities and subpar photographs. To help ensure your next event is beautifully captured, here are some common mistakes to avoid.

1. Not Defining the Photography Goals Clearly Before the event, clearly outline what you want to achieve with the photoshoot. Are you looking to capture the general ambiance, highlight key speakers, or focus on guest interactions? Without a clear goal, your photographer might miss crucial aspects of your event.

2. Overlooking the Importance of a Professional Photographer While it might be tempting to cut costs by asking a friend to take photos or hiring a less experienced photographer, this can often lead to disappointing results. A professional photographer brings not just their skills but also an understanding of how to capture the essence of your event.

3. Failing to Communicate with the Photographer Good communication is key. Ensure you discuss the event schedule, key moments, and any specific requests with your photographer. This briefing will help them be in the right place at the right time to capture those once-in-a-lifetime shots.

4. Neglecting the Lighting Conditions Lighting plays a pivotal role in photography. If your event is indoors, check the lighting setup. For outdoor events, consider the time of day. Poor lighting can lead to grainy, underexposed, or overexposed photos.

5. Not Factoring in the Venue Layout Understanding the venue layout is essential. Identify key spots for photo opportunities and ensure there is enough space for your photographer to move around. Crowded or cramped spaces can restrict the quality of photos taken.

6. Overlooking the Importance of a Shot List While spontaneity is important, having a shot list ensures that key moments and people are not missed. This list can include speeches, awards, performances, or any other highlights of your event.

7. Not Planning for Backup Always have a backup plan. This includes extra batteries, memory cards, etc. Equipment failure or unforeseen circumstances can happen, and being prepared is crucial.

8. Ignoring Post-Event Photography The end of the event doesn’t mean the end of the photography process. Discuss post-event editing, the delivery format of the photos, and the turnaround time. This ensures you get the final product in the desired format and timeline.

9. Missing the Opportunity for Branding If your event is for branding or marketing purposes, ensure your photos reflect this. Use branding elements like logos, banners, or branded attire in your photos to reinforce your brand identity.

10. Not Respecting Guests’ Privacy Finally, be mindful of your guests’ privacy. Not everyone is comfortable being photographed, so consider having an opt-out option for guests who prefer not to be included.

Avoiding these common mistakes can greatly enhance the outcome of your event photoshoot. With proper planning, clear communication, and a professional approach, your event photos will not only capture memories but also tell the story of a successfully executed event.


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