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Stuart Bailey - Headshot & Portrait Photographer in London


Stuart Bailey is an experienced corporate headshot photographer in London, with the capability to come to most offices and set up his mobile studio, with professional studio flash lights, and a plain white, grey, or black background.

There's no surprises on the headshot shoot.

You'll be able to see your headshot photos on a laptop live as Stuart's photographing.

You'll then get a chance to shortlist your top photos on the day.

These will then be emailed to you, and then you'll get another chance to look at them at your leisure and choose the photo/s you'd like to get sent off to be retouched.

Alternatively, for a faster turnaround time, you can select your corporate headshot photos for retouching on the day of the shoot. These can then be sent to the retouchers the next day.

Every chosen headshot is sent off to professional retouchers to remove spots and blemishes, smooth skin, erase fly away hairs etc.
You even have the option to replace the background with any colour you like, or choose a background from a
previous shoot you've had so that all your company headshots look consistent in their style.

Note: My retouchers can usually turn around about 80 corporate headshot photographs within 7 business days.

Headshots (head and shoulder photographs) are essential in any business nowadays.

Company websites, LinkedIn, and other social media profiles are where people see and connect with customers and clients, and first impressions are very important in an ever increasing visual and digital world.

You are your brand, and having a professional corporate photographer come and take headshot photos of your team will increase your perceived value and professionalism.

Photographer Stuart Bailey is able to put people at ease in front of the camera, give directions on how to stand and pose, and won't go home until you're 100% happy with your headshot.

Hire Stuart for your professional corporate headshots.
Available in London and around the UK.



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London photographer Stuart Bailey has vast experience in editorial and corporate portrait photography. Photographing from the top CEOs, billionaires, and business leaders in the UK, to actors, small business owners, and office staff.

Stuart's usual style of corporate portrait photography is to tell a story, or give subtle hints to what the story behind the person is. Whether that be the location of the portrait, or something placed within the photograph.

Stuart is used to working with designers, and his portrait work has been published in both online and printed magazines and media. He has the knowledge on how to frame photographs to suit different layouts.

Available for commissions in London, nationwide and worldwide.

Get in touch with Stuart Bailey for corporate portrait photography here:


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Have Questions?

Click here to see our frequently asked questions page


London headshot photo shoots are charged by a flat rate for the day, plus a set fee per photo that the client chooses. These chosen headshots are then sent to professional retouchers which is why we charge per image as well as a day rate.

Please email photographer Stuart Bailey at with your headshot or portrait photography requirements, or call Stuart direct on (+44) 07762 900 132.


"We hired Stuart for some professional headshots during one of our career development programs.

Although we had some technical challenges, Stuart constantly remained relaxed and focused on solutions and making it happen.

His interaction with our participants was professional, positive and made it easy for everybody to look good. He also was open to include personal preferences.

Our request was short notice and we needed the pictures with a very tight turnaround.
However, Stuart showed flexibility and a “can-do-attitude” and equally important, the pictures were delivered in time and perfectly fulfilled our expectations.

Looking forward to future projects with Stuart."


"Stuart Bailey produced professional corporate headshot photographs whilst managing to keep our London based staff looking relaxed and comfortable. Not only are his prices incredibly reasonable but the end products remain professional and of the utmost top quality. Stuart managed to make our staff feel incredibly relaxed and comfortable. Not only is he highly professional, but he has a wonderful manner of making you feel relaxed and at ease. This will be the first of many orders we request from Stuart!"


"I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Stuart. He is extremely professional, attentive and very personable and provided us with a selection of excellent headshot images for our business to use. I would highly recommend Stuart to everybody."


"Absolutely brilliant and great fun. Stuart is very professional and a very good photographer. He took over a 1000 shots in a 2 hour period in both business and casual wear, editing to around 40 finals. He is very responsive to the style and format of the photos that you want but also makes some very good suggestions regards location and poses. I chose him from a long list on Linkedin because of his individual style. I highly recommend Stuart for head shots, business profiling and social media shots."


"Stuart did a headshot photo shoot for us that included staff group and headshot photography. His service was timely (being based in London we were able to book in a slot for the upcoming week!) and very professionally done. Highly recommended!"


"Stuart is a very professional and great photographer. I’ve had some headshots taken for a work event and article in London. He’s very detailed and worked super fast to turn the photos around. Thank you"


"Stuart was great to work with. Professional, responsive and more importantly, we got some great corporate headshots!"


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