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Headshot Photography by Stuart Bailey

Headshot photography in London - Your Questions Answered

  1. How to book a headshot shoot? To book a headshot shoot with me, please contact me either by email (, phone, or contact form (mentioned on my Contact Us page). Please mention how many people you are looking to have photographed, when you are looking to have the headshot shoot, and any specific dates you had in mind. I will then check my agenda and get back to you with my availability.

  2. How much is a headshot photoshoot? I charge a flat rate for the headshot photo shoot which accounts for my time on the day. - It's the same fee whether I spend 2 hours or 5 hours photographing. Each photo you choose is then purchased separately and charged at a rate which accounts for the editing time (colour and lighting adjustments) and retouching (removing blemishes, wrinkles, stray hairs etc). Expenses are also charged for travel. Note: I always drive to the shoot as I have around 6 bags of equipment with me, and London isn't the easiest of places to get around with lots of luggage. Please get in touch with me to receive my headshot rates.

  3. What colour backgrounds do you have? White, grey, and black backgrounds are my standard colours which own and use for 99% of the headshot shoots I do for clients. White is the most popular colour for a background as designers can easily replace the white for a picture, graphic, or another solid colour. If you would prefer a different colour other than white, grey, or black, then I am happy to purchase the colour you'd like which will then be expensed back to the client.

  4. What shall I wear on my headshot shoot? It depends what colour background you choose. I would avoid tops of the same colour as the background as they're likely to blend in too much. Go for plain colours without bold patterns or stripes as this distracts from the person being photographed. All the attention should go on the subject for headshot photography and not their clothes. Avoid any really dark colour tops too, as sometimes they loose definition.

  5. Do you provide hair and makeup? I don't include a hair and makeup artist as standard for headshot shoots as it would bump the price up considerably, and not everyone needs a hair and makeup artist for business photos. However I am able to hire one for your shoot if requested for an additional cost.

  6. How does the shoot work on the day? I will come to your location and set up the equipment which usually takes around 30-40 minutes to get everything ready, lights tested, and laptop linked up to the camera. - Equipment pack down time is around 30 minutes as well. Please allow 20 minutes per person to be photographed. Sometimes it can be quicker, sometimes longer, but 20 minutes is a good amount of time for each person to be photographed and make a selection of photos they like. As I photograph each person, they'll get to have a look at the shots I take live on the laptop screen so they can see how things are going and if any angles, clothing, lights etc need changing or adjusting. Once the person is photographed they'll get to shortlist 5 headshot photos that they like. We can keep shooting until the person is happy with their photo selections. After the shoot I'll send everyones shortlisted photos to the client so that they can have a second look at them and choose which photo/s they would like to be retouched and purchased. You will typically receive your edited photographs one week after our shoot along with the invoice.

  7. What format will you send the images in? The photos are sent to your email address via WeTransfer in JPEG format at their highest resolution. I send them un-cropped so that you or your designers can crop the image to whatever size and format you like.

  8. How far do you travel? The majority of my headshot shoots are in London. However, I have travelled up and down the UK and even overseas. So I'll go wherever you need me!

  9. How much space do I need for your mobile studio? A medium size meeting room should be ok, however, any tables will need to be moved clear of the room. See photo example of the smallest room I can fit the lights and background in.

More Questions? Please get in contact with me if you have any more questions and I'll be happy to answer them for you. - Click here to GET IN TOUCH

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