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Commercial, Advertising, & Lifestyle Photographer

Based in London

Stuart Bailey is a professional commercial, advertising, and lifestyle photographer based near London, UK.


Specialising in commercial, advertising, and lifestyle photography for medium to large businesses including international commercial and private airlines, airports, railway companies, hospitality, and other travel related businesses across the globe. However his skill set translates easily to all kinds of business and genres.


His photography style is best described as clean, sharp, and vibrant.


Stuart's clients hire him regularly for stock photo library creating. This is where he'll go into a business anywhere from a day to a month to shoot as many photos of the company as possible, creating a well rounded library of photographs that the business can use for their marketing and multiple communications outlets.

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Benefits of hiring Stuart Bailey for your next project:


> Using one photographer gives a consistent look, feel, and quality to the company’s photography.


> Stuart has years of experience working with large companies and understands how they work in terms of commercial imagery, style, and the use of photography in business.


> Lots of experience with photographing celebrities, VIPs, and other high profile and sensitive subjects and events.


> Stuart Bailey gets to know your brand (values, guidelines, etc) and works along side your designers, marketing, press and social media teams, getting to understand your business and the way the photographs can best be used.


> Hiring direct through the photographer Stuart Bailey can be more cost effective than going through an agency if budgets are tight.


Most of Stuart's work tends to be in or around the London area, however he has been called for commissions across the UK and worldwide, so get in touch to see if he can help you.


Other photography services provided by Stuart Bailey:

Corporate Headshot & Portrait Photography

Local Property & Interior Photography

Lifestyle Photography

Event Photography

Travel & Destination Photography

If you're looking for a commercial , advertising, or lifestyle photographer in the London area for your next project, with vast experience in working with medium to large businesses, then please get in touch today and we can see if Stuart Bailey is the best fit for you.

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Stuart Bailey - Commercial, Advertising, & Lifestyle Photographer - London UK

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