Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still shooting and taking bookings during the Coronavirus pandemic ?


Yes I am!


The rules still allow me to carry out photo shoots and take bookings during covid, so get in touch.

I have measures in place to enable me to shoot safely during covid. You can read what I am doing to keep safe during this time here: COVID-19 Safety Measures

Do you have a studio in London?


I don’t have a set physical studio, however I usually hire a studio or indoor location in London if needed for some shoots that suits the commercial photography brief given by my client.

Studios are available around the world to rent for a day or more, so it gives me more options.

We can choose a good location together that works best for both the client and the photographer.

Do you do video?



I'm fully focused on stills photography.

I do work with a number of individual freelancers, small and large video production companies, and London based agencies who I trust.

So get in touch and I'll point you to the relevant people for your project.

What are your rates?

I don't publish my commercial photography rates on my website as I prefer people to get in touch first as each job can be different.

If you'd like to enquire about a photo shoot with me then please visit my Contact Us page.

Do you have representation?

At the moment I don't have an agent. However, I am on the look out for representation with a London based agent where I'll fit in, in terms of my style of photography and the kind of work that we could do together.

Do you do Drone Photography or Video?

I've partnered with an amazing licensed drone photography and videography company who do drone work all over the UK, so please visit our drone photography page here!

You're a photographer based in London, but how far can you travel for a job?

Where is your shoot?


I have travelled to many countries for commercial, advertising, and lifestyle photography work and even for some property photography jobs I have travelled as far as New York for less than 24 hours.

Most of my work tends to be in or around the London area in the UK, however of course I am more than willing and able to travel to pretty much anywhere in the world for work.

It's part of why I love my job as a professional photographer so much, as it takes me to new and interesting countries all the time!

Do you have all your own equipment?

I own all the essential camera equipment I need for 80% of the shoots I do.

Some larger commercial, advertising, or lifestyle photography shoots I do may need special cameras and lighting equipment, smoke machines, rigs etc which I will need to hire from a production or camera rental company.

How do you send me the photos you take for us and what format are they in?

I usually send the final edited photos over to the client by WeTransfer as I can do this securely.

In terms of format the photographs are sent (unless requested otherwise), I will send them in JPEG format at 300dpi at their highest resolution.

TIFF files can also be sent, however these are much larger files and most clients usually don't usually require them.

I can also send the files on a physical external hard drive on request which the client is to provide.



Do I have to credit you when publishing or posting the photos you’ve taken for us?


In general, yes please (unless we have agreed for you not to do so before hand in the terms of usage), as it really helps me and my commercial photography business gain a bit more exposure and attention.

Who owns the copyright to the photographs you take for us?


Copyright is always held by the photographer who took the images. This is industry standard.

So the copyright for the photographs I take for all my clients is held by myself, Stuart Bailey.


A licence or usage fee will be agreed (if applicable) for the final images.

This is where I license the photographs to the client so they have permission to use them in their selected media types, regions, and set time period.


Licence and terms of use will be agreed and set before hand and I will publish the usage information in the invoice to you as well.


I may use the photos on my own social media, website, marketing, and promotional materials unless the client explicitly requests me not to do so. This will first be agreed in the licence and terms of use we set up.

Can I buy the copyright to the photographs you take for me?


I am very reluctant to to sell the copyright to any of my photographs.


However, If the client really needs to buy and own the copyright to the images, then this can be agreed for a fee called "copyright buy-out".

The usage of the photographs is then completely in the clients hands in terms of how they can be used and controlled.

I will then have to seek permission from my client as to if, when, and how I can use the photographs.

This copyright buy-out fee is usually calculated on where the photos will be used, for how long, and how much revenue the photographs will make the client in terms of sales etc.

Can I have the RAW camera files?

No, I do not give these away. Unless under very special circumstances and where the client is willing to pay the fee set in my rate card.

What happens if I need to cancel or postpone my commercial photography shoot?

If a confirmed shoot is cancelled or postponed for reasons outside the control of the Photographer (including unsuitable weather / light), the Photographer reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee at the following rates together with all incurred expenses.

More than 6 working days notice: 50% of fee + all expenses

3 - 6 working days notice: 75% of fee + all expenses

2 days or less notice: 100% of fee + all expenses

If the shoot has to be postposed we will first see the options to re-arrange the shoot as soon as possible before any cancellation charges are incurred.

What happens if you're sick?

If I become ill or injured then I will have one of my trusted photographs to come and complete the photoshoot on my behalf. If another photographer is not available we will look at the options to re-arrange.

How do I pay for the shoot?

All payments are to be made by bank transfer or BACS. Payment details will be listed in the invoice I send out.

Do you do weddings, families, or pets photography?


I do not shoot weddings, families, babies, or pets.


There are people who are far more qualified for this kind of work than me who do it as a living.


I do have some photographers I recommend though, so get in touch and I’ll point you to my favourites from around the country.


If I don’t have a recommendation I know already I can google and find someone I believe who’s work is to a high standard.

You can tell a lot from someone’s website and style of photography if they’re a professional or amateur!

What does "Above the Line" (ATL), and "Below the Line" (BTL) mean?


Funny you should ask! I have written a short blog post explaining this. Read it here!

Are you on Social Media?

Of course I am! I'm @StuBaileyPhoto on pretty much everything.

Here are the links...

Instagram - @StuBaileyPhoto - https://www.instagram.com/StuBaileyPhoto/

LinkedIn - @StuBaileyPhoto- https://www.linkedin.com/in/stubaileyphoto/

Facebook - @StuBaileyPhoto - https://www.facebook.com/StuBaileyPhoto

Twitter - @StuBaileyPhoto - https://twitter.com/StuBaileyPhoto

Pinterest - @StuBaileyPhoto - https://www.pinterest.co.uk/stubaileyphoto/

Do you have a Blog?

I do indeed, you can read my blog by following the link in the menu, or click here.

I have more questions, can I contact you?

Yes of course, please visit my Contact Us page and get in touch with me by either phone or email.