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London photographer Stuart Bailey produces photography for major commercial and private airlines, airports, and aviation businesses across the globe.

Stuart's clients hire him as they know the value of great imagery and consider photography as an investment which pays dividends for years.

Having quality photography can set your business apart and make you stand out, especially in today's age where raw visual impact is so important to disrupt the feed and "stop the scroll".

Stuart Bailey is available for aviation photography work in London, and is regularly flown around the world for his skills.

Get in touch with Stuart Bailey to see if he is the right photographer for your next commercial or advertising project.

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Stuart's professional photography career started in 2015 where he was working at British Airways as an in-house photographer.

This was a demanding role for a photographer, as he was photographing 5 days a week and shooting everything for the airline from portraits, to aircraft, events, food, celebrities, royalty, property and interiors (such as airline lounges), press, advertising, and other forms commercial photography.

This is where Stuart really learnt his craft and gained a lot of experience very fast.


Stuart was then made redundant in December of 2019, where he then started his own freelance photography business.

Stuart Bailey now photographs commercial, advertising, and lifestyle projects for many aviation companies in London and airports around the world.

He is fast becoming very well known in his field and in high-demand from some of London's top advertising and design agencies, airlines, and travel companies.

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Have Questions?

Click here to see our frequently asked questions page

I specialise my commercial and lifestyle photography work mainly around the aviation, transportation and travel industry, whether that be for airlines, airports, railway companies, hotels or the automotive industry. However, my skills very easily translate into other genres and businesses too.

This is usually photography for businesses that require imagery for marketing, advertising, internal communications outlets, websites, magazines, presentations, social media etc.


The images are licensed for a commercial purpose and typically have a common goal in bringing in more customers, creating more revenue, getting people intrigued or excited about a piece of news, keeping people on a website for a longer period of time, or to create a trustable and consistent brand image etc.

I have a good understanding of what businesses like in terms of imagery for marketing, advertising, internal and external communications.

I work well with designers, and generally know what they like in terms of photography, eg, negative space at the side of pictures for text to be overlaid for example.

Being very personable myself, I find it easy to connect with the subjects I'm photographing, whether it be a CEO, celebrity, models, office workers, etc. I can always find common ground and value each person individually.

I do my best to understand you and your business as much as possible before taking the first photo, and always aim to create the best imagery that will really work for what it is intended for.

If you're looking for a London Photographer to shoot your next commercial or advertising project, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with me directly.

Contact Stuart Bailey


Every job can be different, Stuart Bailey will provide an individual quote tailored to the specific client requirements.

Please email Stuart Bailey at with your commercial photography requirements, or call Stuart on (+44) 07762 900 132.


"I hired Stuart to work for me at British Airways and I did not regret it. He has a fantastic eye for a great image and was able to showcase the airline's people, cabins and aircraft with imagination and creativity. Not surprisingly his images proved very commercially popular and have been used by media across the globe. He works well to a brief, or no brief at all - and has an instinctive feel for what makes a great picture. If you get the chance to hire him, don't hesitate; you won't regret it either."


"Since using Stuart the first time he’s rapidly become our go to photographer for most our work. His eye for detail, accuracy and creativity is second to none. What I love most is Stuart’s ability to capture and understand our briefs perfectly always executing them professionally and on time! Top talent I can’t recommend any higher!"


"Stuart is a pleasure to work with, and takes a great photo too. Professional, polite and always willing to go the extra mile. He has a great eye and knows how to make a subject come alive in front of the camera."


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