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Lockdown Photography

Updated: May 16, 2020

Here's a few personal photos I've taken on my walks during lockdown here in the UK.

As a London commercial, advertising, and lifestyle photographer, I'm usually working with people for large companies with photo briefs, art directors, shoot producers, and budgets etc.

These times have allowed me to get back to basics and back to how I started in photography, which is photographing nature.

Running a commercial photography business during normal times is usually 80% business, and only really about 20% photography.

So having this down time has allowed me to change that ratio to 50% business and 50% photography, which despite the stress of not having any, or having very minimal paid work, it's just been nice to be out photographing more.

Hopefully by the end of lockdown I'll be more creative, and maybe have a different approach to the commercial, advertising, or lifestyle photo shoots I'll have for clients in the future!

One thing I'm doing to force myself to be more creative while taking these photos is limiting myself to one lens a day.

So one day I'll have a 100mm macro lens on my camera, the other day a 50mm, and another a wide angle.

Putting limits on yourself forces you to look differently.

Instead of having the option to just zoom in or zoom out and get the whole scene in, it makes you search for the finer details, therefore making you look at the subject completely differently. - It's a nice little trick if you're stuck or in a creative rut!

I've added some of these photos to my online shop, so people can purchase prints.

What have you been doing to stay creative in this time of lockdown?

Let me know in the comments below!

Stuart Bailey | Commercial, Advertising, and Lifestyle Photographer

Phone: (+44) 07762 900 132

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