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Changes to the Coronavirus Lockdown in the UK

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

These are the latest changes to the coronavirus lockdown measures in England in the UK.

For the up to date measures in case I'm slightly behind, please click here.

I'm a commercial, advertising, and lifestyle photographer based in Bracknell just outside of London in the UK.

A lot of my photography work in the UK is for large aviation and railway companies, so me and my photography business have taken a big hit by the coronavirus lockdown measures.

Below, I'm trying to keep up with all the changes to the government guidelines with the coronavirus updates.

Changes to the Lockdown Measures:

These are the changes to the lockdown measures here in the UK.


People are now being encouraged to go back to work if they can, as long as you can keep to social distancing measures.

Avoid the use of public transport as much as possible. Go to work by car, bicycle, or walk.

Employers are also given guidance on making workplaces COVID safe.

Social Distancing:

Social (or physical) distancing is still in place throughout the UK. This means we all need to keep 2 metres or 6 feet away from each other. - This helps to reduce the spread through the air and keep the R number below 1.

Washing Hands Regularly:

This measure was in from the start. After going out we need to wash out hands thoroughly, which means for at least 20 seconds with hot water and soap.

Use of Face Masks:

Face coverings are now mandatory on public transport and in shops.

Face coverings are also advised to be worn in enclosed areas where social distancing is not always possible.


Indoor gyms and swimming pools are now open, but with measures in place to keep people safe.

There is no limit to how much exercise you can now have outside.

Public Businesses now open:

Shops and restaurants and pubs are now open again, but masks must be worn in shops and social distancing must be observed.

Other Businesses:

Hairdressers are now open again with covid safe measures in place for safety.

Beauty salons open from 1st August with all the necessary measures in place too.

Since the lockdown has been relaxed, I'm getting a lot of work coming again in which is great!

However, if you're not yet, it will come, but here are 3 Things you can be doing now to take advantage of this time:

1. Improve your product or service. - Look to how you can create an even better customer experience during this time, so that when we are back to normal you'll have a much better business, and a better product or service to offer to your clients and customers.

2. Get your website sorted. - Update old photos and images, write new content, do some research on what your competitors are doing on their website and do it better on yours.

3. Invest time into your long term marketing channels. - Things like your blog (see what I'm doing here!!), your SEO (search engine optimisation), your social media channels, and keep writing new and fresh content to boost you up on search engines like Google.

My Safety Measures to Coronavirus (COVID-19):

To see the measures I am taking in my commercial, advertising, and lifestyle photography business in London, then see this blog post which I keep updating regularly:

Note: I'll be updating this blog as things continue to loosen or tighten during this coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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