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Photography in the midst of Covid-19 Pandemic?

Updated: May 16, 2020

Since the pandemic broke out, our normal lives have been disrupted for sure. Keeping our passions alive during this time is the only way to get out of the pandemic mentally healthy and happy.

Commercial, Advertising and Lifestyle Photography is not just my livelihood but my biggest passion. I am based out of Bracknell, and I photograph all over London as well. Here I present some of my ideas on photography in the midst of the pandemic in the UK.

For my photographer friends in London: While our government finds out ways to deal with opening the lockdown and resuming normal life, don’t let your passion for photography suffer. Take your camera and lens, and find your picture-perfect moments in everyday life. You may be concentrated on headshot or portrait photography in London, but while finding your “new normal”, you may have to treat every day as photogenic as possible to stay creative.

Behind the Mask: Carry your mask (if you can find any masks online) with you because health and safety comes first. Disinfect and clean your lenses and camera equipment multiple times during the shoot. Hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes always comes in handy when I go for a walk these days.

Be ready for surprises: You need to be ready and on your toes to spot the unusual and capture it. I caught some unusual shots inside my house and while out for a walk for exercise in Bracknell town. These are the moments you may cherish once this pandemic subsides. I have done some lockdown photography, you can check my work here:

Family comes first: You may never get another chance to spend as much time with your family as during this time. Why not take some portrait photographs of your spouse or your children and turn them into a beautiful coffee book or have your photography framed. I would love to give you tips on both if you write to me! Invest in reading Photography books: When alone, spend time reading those photography books which inspire you.

I have listed some of my favourites here: I hope you liked my ideas. If you want to have a quick virtual chat over coffee, reach out to me. I promise to show you photography through my lens!

Stuart Bailey | Commercial, Advertising, and Lifestyle Photographer

Phone: (+44) 07762 900 132

Blog written by: Next-is-Best

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