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Photography Promoting Safe Travel During Covid

Who would have thought back in 2019 that we'd be having to wear surgical masks on planes and trains, and that's only if we're allowed to travel on plans and trains!

Coronavirus has changed the way we do life, and like it or not, it'll probably be with us for some time.

Masks and face covering have become a part of our daily life when popping to the shops, travelling on the railway or even going to a restaurant.

I'm as fed up with it all as the next person, but if we're to get this disease under control, then face coverings, social distancing, and working from home is what we're going to have to get used to.

My work has changed a bit during this time too.

Instead of photographing people together, I'm shooting people distanced apart or on their own.

Making people look happy and smiley is a bit different when they've got a bit of material covering half their face. So I'm having to ask people to do some ridiculous and over-exaggerated creepy smile so that you can really tell in their eyes that they're smiling!

However, photos still need to be taken, and most of them now are of people in face coverings, so we just have to get on with it and accept it as part of the norm for the time being.

Commercial Photographer in London - Stuart Bailey Photography
Railway Staff in Face Covering

I've been commissioned by a few railway companies for commercial and lifestyle shoots to promote the safe travel during COVID-19. Showing the rules and methods that they're taking during this time to make travel safe.

Obviously wearing masks while in the stations and in the carriages, but also the social distancing on the trains by having people sat in window seats with a row or two between them and the next person.

Another thing I've been showing in photos is the cleaning measures that they've been taking. Disinfecting all the touch points in the stations and on the trains.

Anything like hand rails, door buttons, screens on the ticket machines, and arm rests on both the station and train seating.

I was pleasantly surprised with how safe railway companies are making travel (as they should be during this time).

Lifestyle Photographer London - Stuart Bailey Photography
Customer using a contactless Smart Card

What have the photos have been used for?

My photos have been used mainly for social media and company websites to promote and show how safe travel actually is during this time.

I've done some other campaigns for posters that have been put up in railway stations around London and the UK, and on the actual trains too.

These have been for things like showing the fines if you're caught not wearing a face covering, reassuring customers that extra cleaning measures are in place around the stations and on the trains, and reminding people that some are exempt from wearing a face covering so not to discriminate.

I'm usually asked to shoot a separate day or two to collate some stock photography for the company's internal communications or website.

These tend to be more staff focused shots and can also be photos of specific staff members that have been going above and beyond in their jobs during this time.

Also these stock shots can be nothing to do with covid. A lot have been to get good images of the stations themselves while they're more empty. Showing station improvements like new paint, screens, benches, and turnstiles. Anything that the company can use in the future or for newsletters, intranet articles, or on their website.

Advertising Photographer London - Stuart Bailey Photography
Railway cleaning staff disinfecting a train carriage

Are you after a similar shoot?

I'm being approached more and more about these kinds of shoots as I have quite a bit of experience in them now.

Some of these lifestyle and commercial shoots have been one single day, and others have been multiple days. It all depends on the brief you have and how many actual shots you need in able to have everything you need. Obviously budget comes into it all as well.

I've been hiring in models to use as customers for the photos. I'm able to organise all of that side of things, and help pick the outfits for the shoot too.

I have covid safety measures in place as well so that we can all work safely together.

So if you're after something similar to one of these photo shoots, then please get in touch and we'll set up a zoom call to talk over your brief and requirements.

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